Presence of points of connection and possibilities of interaction between different groups is going to be the real strength of the Organization.

Prabuddha Bharat International is making efforts to network the proud and successful members of the community from all walks of life like the All India services, central and state public sector employees and entrepreneurs in private sector, professionals in Law, Medicine, Engineering, Consultancy, Charted Accountancy, and the elected reprensentives of various local self-governing bodies, state assemblies and councils and both houses of parliament; into the enlightenment movement. This gives the essential feeling of strength to connect to the vast masses of the community whose numerical strength is larger than a great number of independent Nations.

Seventy long years of waiting and demanding the ruling classes for the access of the majority communities into the corridors of power, material resources and the high centres of knowledge have fallen on deaf years. It is time for us to build adequate strengths in every field and compete to lead. Join the sanguine movement and make it a success.

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