Ambedkar ideology is the soul of Prabuddha Bharat i.e., an enlightened India. It is the destiny of modern India. It is the foremost mission of all progressive Indians. We know that India as a nation suffered serious injuries of illiteracy and orthodoxy, regressive caste system, untouchability and gender discrimination. We salute our liberator a million times for his greatest struggle and sacrifice for putting all sections of our society on the path of human-hood and progress with the Constitution of India. The Constitution of India is, to a great extent, a blue print for Prabuddha Bharat.

The seven decade social progress, particularly, of the down-trodden classes is phenomenal. The Constitution has been worked to some extent. Now we have to be a force to reckon with. We have essential strengths in every field. We have statesmen and representatives, administrators and officials, judges and lawyers, scientists and scholars, writers and cultural leaders. We have a substantial diaspora cutting across all sections. We achieved a lot of material progress. However, we still have serious and vicious challenges.

Untouchability is half-done. The caste system still shows its fangs. Majority Indians face prejudice and bias in all critical areas. Our gender treatment is still regressive. We could not eliminate poverty and malnutrition completely. Our intellectual attainments are weak against global standards. These hurdles come in the way of India to emerge as a strong nation and a global leader. We must and shall overcome these hurdles with scientific temper and rationalism. Our socio-economic reconstruction to eliminating inequalities is possible only when we muster our social and moral forces. We should concentrate on our strengths taking inspiration from Babasaheb for self-reliance and self-elevation. This requires a strong movement of awakening and enlightening of our vast mass of people with more and more Education, continuous Agitation of fellow Indian minds; and efficient Organisation as a united force. For this reason we initiated our journey with Prabuddha Bharat International.

Let us join forces for this noble cause with a strong network and launch a relentless movement of building an enlightened India.

Hai Bheem!
Jai Prabuddha Bharat.

Ravi Kumar Narra
Founder President
Padma Shri Awardee 2014

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