I recently got associated with the organization. Very shortly I am attracted to the vision and goals of PBI. I will continue working for the growth and progress of PBI

Mr. Sandupatla Uday Kumar

I am an Ambedkarist from childhood. But the SCI/PBI activities are really path breaking to realize Ambedkar ideology especially weekly lecture series is the most essential to spread Ambedkar ideology.

Mr. I. Naga Malleswar Rao
Rtd. Deputy Director. Prosecutions

Shanti chakraku acchinaa…ambedkar gurinchi telusukunnaa…ayana mahatmudani grahinchaa… aayanaki rojuu dandeyyalani anukunnaa… rojuu dandistunna.. nenu bathikunnatha kaalam estha….ravannaku Jai Bheem.

(I came to Shanti Chakra International.. I came to know about Ambedkar. I learnt that he is a noble soul… I thought that he deserves garlanding every day… I started giving a garland everyday… I continue my floral tribute as long as I am alive… Jai Bheem to elder brother Ravi.)

Mr. Praveen Kumar
Flower Merchant

I am, a junior lecturer in a Government Junior college. After visiting Prabuddha Bharat International I understand the ideological values of the Buddha, Mahatma Phule and Babasaheb Dr. B R Ambedkar as the values of justice, freedom, equality and fraternity. After adopting these values, I see a reasonable change of personality in my-self…

Ms. Devarasetty Rajitha

I visited Shanti Chakra International in 2011 at the age of three. I learnt the PREAMBLE of Indian Constitution. I came to know about my rights and importance of education in my life. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is GOD for me. I came to know about the Buddha. Everyone should know about Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who must be called Father of Nation and GREAT LEADER to the Nation.

Kum. Sriram Aishwarya
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