Do’s / Don’ts

  1. The members and office bearers of this organization ought to adhere to the aims and Objectivities; and Duties and Responsibilities assumed, assigned and prescribed.
  2. They should make continued efforts to expand the network in the prescribed procedure by completing all the prescribe membership formalities.
  3. The members must pay keen interest and take proactive part in the educational programmes of the organization and continue to update their occupational and general skills, professions and knowledge.
  4. The members and office bearers must meticulously execute the weekly, monthly and annual events as per the PBF National and State Council Calendars.
  5. The principle motto that, “know Each Other, Come Together, Help Each Other And Grow Together”, shall always be held aloft by the members and office bearers.
  6. Everywhere work should be conducted by established systems instead of normal tendency of one man armies.
  7. The office bearers should maintain utmost integrity, transparency and accountability forthe membership fees or other sums received or collected for and on behalf of the foundation.
  8. No donations except as authorized by PBI should be collected either in cash or kind by members or office bearer in the name of the organisation or in the name of its activities.
  9. The members and office bearers must refrain from using the letterheads and visiting cards for other than organization purposes or for promoting individual identities in the government offices or other power centres.
  10. The office bearers and members must refrain from press statements and taking part in T.V. debates and social media platforms on behalf of the organization except with express authorization in writing or oral instruction followed by written communication, by the competent authority.
  11. Office bearers of this organization should shun all their direct or indirect political affiliations as they must have to work with all government and the non-governmental and like-minded national and international organizations. Such restrictions do not apply to any class of members.
  12. No negative press statements, negative propaganda or campaigning including through social media be made against the organization or against the office bearers without evidence sustainable under law.
  13. No undue praise or abuse; slander or libel should be heaped by the members against other co-members or other agencies including politicians, representatives, officers, social activists etc.,
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