Prabuddha Bharat International

is to…..
  • The values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.
  • The need for morality and ethical justice in resource allocation
  • The need for dignity of labour and gender equality
  • The need for Panchasheel and Ashtaang Marg for personality development
  • The need for rationalism and scientific temper
  • The need for the knowledge of languages, humanities and sciences for progress
  • Human minds to understand the need for democratic values
  • Human minds to cultivate them as their ultimate goals of human exhistence
  • Human awareness about Individual, Family, Social and National responsibilities
  • Human minds to churn the cultures to refine them
  • Human minds to lead towards positive and dynamic change
  • Human minds to develop global perspective and standards.
  • Individuals,
  • Institutions,
  • Ideas;

To be Innovative. Constructive. Efficient and Sustainable in common interest.

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