New Branch

A group of individuals between min.15 to max.150 members will constitute a branch.

Any individual or group of people can take initiative to gather the potential members from the likeminded people.

The members who become so by paying the membership before the inaugurating the branch would be called as founder members of that branch.

There is no local jurisdiction to include any member in the group. Hence persons from different localities can become a member of any branch.

All the applications received by the branch shall be forwarded to the headquarters in prescribed manner along with the membership fees.

All the new members will be given training to run the branch and to conduct the programmes.

The head office will provide guidelines to run the branch in its day to day activities.

The branch may be named with suffix Prabuddha Bharat with the locality name / special name where the new branch is formed.

Every branch has office bearers (Board) consisting of President, Sr. Vice President, Vice President-I, Vice President-II and Vice President (Finance) and various Project level persons. Monthly and quarterly meetings with family members are compulsory in addition to participating in live stream programme.

Membership is by invitation only.

Fellowship and service are twin principles to be adhered by commitment and zeal by all members.

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