The Rational

Inalienable rights, equal opportunities and adequate resources are the inseparable  conditions for the growth of any human being. Unfortunately for centuries these conditions are suspended for the Scheduled Castes in particular and a vast majority of other communities in general in India through the overpowering and complex mechanism of four-fold Varna System, thousands of castes, the practice of untouchability and gender discrimination. This complicated social mechanism lead to the political, economic, psychological, cultural and spiritual suppression of more than three-fourths of Indian population even today.

It is to reclaim this long buried human personality of the dumb millions, is born Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. He restored the lost rights and opportunities constitutionally ; and the material resources are to follow to the millions. And he wished that this national reconstruction process should continue till such time as the weakest and the last man in the society is self-reliant and experiences a sense of self-respect in its entirety. For this, he gave the clarion call for the socio-economic reconstruction of a just and enlightened India on the democratic principles of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

This monumental task of an enlightened India warrants multiple ways of constructive work with community initiative in addition to the effort of the state. This requires a great deal of community networking by dedicated, informed and committed individuals.

This needs unreserved co-operation of the advanced sections of the society and self-help from each member of the class intending to liberate and regenerate.

Therefore a strong demand is mounting to bring the members of the backward classes and Ambedkarites into a purposeful network as this is the age of “Network or Perish.” This is to enable themselves to share information, deep ideas and to build institutions to speed up their socio-economic development.

It is time for the proud members of the down-trodden community to take lead in this movement. They should come together from all walks of life like the All India Services, central and state public sector employees and business leaders in private sector, professionals in Law, Medicine, Engineering, Consultancy, Charted Accountancy, Financial Analysts, Company Law, and the elected representatives of various local self governing bodies, state assemblies and councils and of both houses of parliament. This gives a feeling of much needed strength to work for the overall development of the amorphous masses of the community whose numerical strength is larger than a great number of independent Nations. This was the dream and design of Ambedkar for the national reconstruction

With this objective we are making all efforts to establish the network through Prabuddha Bharat International.

In this direction, in fact, there are hundreds of networks and thousands of individuals working in isolation in some nooks and corners. The mission is also suffering at the hands of some stereotype Ambedkarite outfits and is being used by the selfish elements for their own mileage. At this juncture there is a need for a clear definition of the message of Ambedkar to build the Prabuddha Bharat.

The task of Prabuddha Bharat could be performed only when India is engaged in truly democratic processes in capacities both as a state and society taking care of the aspiration of globalising India. So, Prabuddha Bharat International shall persuade all to work in that direction.

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